Are you looking for some of Keith Urban’s best songs to add to a playlist? Maybe you need suggestions on songs to share with new listeners. Well here’s our recommended list of his hottest and most essential music.

“Never Coming Down” is a cool song with a heavy toe-tapping beat. It’s got a fun anthemlike swing and is just an incredibly catchy song. It’s a popular dance tune for a reason and is well deserving a listen for new listeners.

“Soul Food” is one of Keith Urban’s shortest songs at a run time that’s less than three minutes. But don’t let that fool you. It’s a great middle point between classic Keith and his more modern work. And it’s such a catchy song that is full of life and joy.

“Kiss a Girl” is an excellent song that is one of Urban’s highest charting on the Billboard Hot 100. It’s almost a crime that it’s not a #1 hit. But it has a fun chorus, excellent guitar work, and Urban’s mesmerizing voice in a lively song of romance.