Keith Urban & Austin Snell at Upper Peninsula State Fairgrounds

Keith Urban & Austin Snell at Upper Peninsula State Fairgrounds Tickets

Upper Peninsula State Fairgrounds | Escanaba, Michigan

Where will you be on Saturday 22nd July 2023 when Keith Urban & Austin Snell comes to Escanaba, Michigan in 2023? The only answer that is acceptable is that you will be in attendance along with other excited fans that cannot wait to see the magic that only Keith Urban & Austin Snell can bring. It’s gonna be a hot one in the city and tickets are selling out so quickly that you will have to act fast if you want to be a part of what will be a thrilling night. Cancel all plans: Saturday 22nd July 2023 is the only one that matters and Keith Urban & Austin Snell demands you to be present! We make it so easy to purchase seats. Just click the ‘get tickets’ button and they’re yours today!

We’ve heard countless times that all it takes is one country concert to be forever hooked. Even people that don’t normally enjoy listening to country music, love going to country concerts! There’s just something about the experience at a country music concert that is incomparable to any other type of music genre. So, with that said, have you bought for the upcoming Upper Peninsula State Fairgrounds event? If not, now is your chance to ensure you celebrate country music in the finest concert hall in Escanaba, Michigan. This venue offers everything you could possibly wish for from your Saturday evening out on the town. Exciting atmosphere, crisp acoustics, and delicious food and drink options at your convenience, you will surely have outstanding time. You will even be impressed by the commitment to exceptional customer service the friendly staff displays to every guest walking through the front doors. You simply can’t go wrong with visiting Upper Peninsula State Fairgrounds for a night you will remember!

Keith Urban & Austin Snell at Keith Urban Concert Tickets

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